Who are you letting define your success?


A lot of us have ideas about what it means to be successful. Maybe it’s having a certain subscriber count on YouTube, or maybe a specific number of followers on Instagram, or maybe it’s a monetary goal. But we all have an idea of what it means to be successful. My suggestion for you is to think about where did that idea of success came from. Did it come from you or did it come from an outside force?

I think a lot of times we let other people define what success means for us. For example, someone  somewhere decided that having 1 million subs on YouTube was “successful” and so now we’re all aiming for that. But why? If you have 2,000 subscribers who love and watch your videos and leave you comments....why are you discounting them? Why are you saying “sorry guys you don’t really count that much.” Imagine you went to give a talk and 100 people showed up to hear what you had to say wouldn’t you think that’s incredible? But we get 100 views or likes and we feel disappointed? That’s absurd!

Here’s what I want you to do: Think about your goal and then think about why you want it. So if you want 1 million YouTube subcribers ask yourself “why”. Maybe it’s because you want to make a living from your YouTube channel. Okay great, but then ask “is there any other way I could achieve that goal?” Of course there is! Having a huge subscriber count and making money from ads definitely isn’t the only way. You could try Patreon or maybe create a product to sell that your supporters could buy. If you need $2000 a month, you just need 400 people to give you $5 a month. That’s totally doable without a million subs!

So stop focusing on the milestones that society or your peers think you should hit and start focusing on how you want to feel, what your real goal is, and *all* the different ways you can make that possible.

Joeli KellyComment