I read this quote recently in The Four Pillar Plan (by @drchatterjee) and it really made me pause and think. Think about an entrepreneur. What comes to mind? Someone who is busy. Someone who is working all hours. Someone who hustles.

We talk about how tired we are all of the time — how much we are working, how long it's been since our last day off — and we talk about it almost with a sense of pride. Sure we know we shouldn’t be doing it, but we’re living that #bizlife and isn’t it great?

We get sick and run down but we don't listen to what our body is telling us. We get back up as soon as we've recovered and hit the grindstone just as hard.

Where is the focus on sustainable? Where is the focus on self-care? Where is the badge of honour for the woman who starts work at 9am and finishes at 3pm and then enjoys an afternoon of rest, not once in a while but every day?


These are not words to aspire to. These do not deserve badges. These are not the words of a successful entrepreneur. These are the words of a person who has no systems, is overworked, is pushing too hard, is on the path to burnout.


That's what we need to aspire to and not just for a day or two when we've been working too hard for too long. It's what we need to aspire to every single freaking day.

Joeli KellyComment