How to Get Items Off Your To-do List


If you're like me, you find it really easy to make lists but really hard to get things done and off that list. I used to joke that I made lists just to have something to rebel against. I know what to do, I know what my goals are, but I struggle with the execution. 

However, recently (after a lot of introspection and working with Tara Swiger through her Starship program),  I was able to develop some tricks to help me get things done and I want to share them with you! 

1. Know your "why". Know what your goal is and why you want to achieve it. If you're a rebel like I am, you really struggle to do anything that you don't want to do. So in order to get your to-do list done you must know why you want to do those things. What are they helping you achieve? (If you don't know why you want to do them, then cross them off your list. They'll just stress you out sitting there, staring at you, and you still won't do them.)

2. Stop thinking of it as a "to-do" list or a "must get done" list. These are things that you want to do and you know why you want to do them because I just told you to think about it in Step 1.  Everyday look at your list and ask "what do I want to do today?" and pick one thing and go from there. Keep reminding yourself that these are not tasks being handed to you by some mean boss, you want to do these things. 

3. Relax! Stop stressing about making every day super productive. Trust yourself that you can have lazy days and still get stuff done when it comes down to crunch time. It's all about the big picture and nothing really gets ruined or made in a day. It's about what you get done in a week, month, year. Not a single day.

I hope that helps! If you have any tips for getting stuff done, I'd love for you to share in the comments below. 

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