Tools & Products That I Use

I often get asked what newsletter provider I use, what platform I use to host courses, and things like that. So I made a list for you! Note: some of the links are affiliate links meaning I get a small amount of money if you use my link to sign-up. But you can be assured that these are the actual products and tools I'm using and I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't love them. 


Convert Kit

ConvertKit is my preferred email marketing platform. You can create landing pages, email sequences, offer multiple opt-ins, and let's you tag and sort your subscribers so you can send them only the emails that they want to get.



I use Podia to host my courses and membership program. It also lets you sell digital downloads -- perfect if you want to sell courses and something like knitting patterns. Or maybe you like the idea of Patreon but want to have it combined with your storefront. Podia can do it all. 


Smarter Queue

Smarter Queue is what I use to manage my social media accounts. I like it because it can automatically reschedules posts which is perfect for making sure my daily posts go up in my Facebook group. It also lets me create a queue of blog posts to go out to my Twitter and Facebook page, and you can use it to plan and schedule Instagram posts as well.