You're a tech editor who is tired of waiting for clients to find you.

You dream of giving up the day job, but need more clients first.

You're frustrated that you have such a great service to offer but no one seems to know about it. You have a feeling that marketing yourself more is the answer, but it feels like the only way to do that is to turn into a sleazy salesman. I totally get it. You became a tech editor because you love spreadsheets and numbers, not so you could spend all your time promoting yourself on social media. 


Wouldn't it be nice to have a marketing strategy that feels good to implement and gets you clients?

You fell in love with tech editing, now it's time to fall in love with marketing.

Your ability to build a thriving tech editing business is based on the size of your reputation (how many people know about you) and the quality of your reputation (how people talk about you.)  The best way to grow both of those things is with a marketing plan. But I know it's hard to figure out exactly how to apply all that marketing information out there to the tech editing business specifically.


That's why I created The Tech Editor's Marketing Toolkit.

I've been building my tech editing business for seven years and have a solid reputation in the industry. I've worked with magazines, book publishers, yarn companies, and hundreds of indie designers. For the past four years I've been training tech editors and helping them get started with their businesses. I've come to realise that there are simple marketing principles that work to establish you as a reputable tech editor and very specific actions you can take to get your name out there. Now it's time for me to pass on all that knowledge to you.


The Tech Editor's Marketing Toolkit is a four week course that teaches you the marketing strategies you need so you can grow your reputation and start getting clients. 

Here's what you'll learn in each module:

Module 1: Identify Your Strengths and Ideal Clients

  • Figure out what makes you stand out from all the other tech editors out there.
  • Create an image of your ideal client so you can create a marketing message that makes them know "yes, this is the tech editor for me."
  • Learn the importance of turning down work and how to do it in a way that will actually help build your reputation.

Module 2: Set up your website and newsletter list

  • We'll discuss the importance of having a website and blog, as well as a couple of easy options for creating your site.
  • Learn about newsletters, why you should have one and what content you might put in it. 
  • Brainstorm opt-in ideas to encourage your ideal client to sign up for your list.
  • Tech training on using Mailchimp and Convert Kit and how to set-up your opt-in in both.

Module 3: Growing the size of your reputation

  • Learn which social media platforms that I think work best for tech editors.
  • Discover my exact strategies for each platform and how you can implement them in just 5-10 minutes a day.

Module 4: Improving the quality of your reputation 

  • Discover how to establish yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Create guidelines for customer care to make sure every interaction with a client is as positive as possible.
  • Make a plan for handling mistakes, because they are definitely going to happen!

Each week will include...

Need a little more accountability?Join as a VIP and you'll also get:

  • Access to a private facebook community where you can get more immediate help plus accountability. How many times have you bought a course and dropped off halfway through? Not this time!
  • Feedback -- as you go through the course materials you can post your website/newsletter opt-in/social media accounts for me to review.
  • "Live" weekly lessons -- isn't it so much easier to ask questions right as soon as you think of them? All the lessons are already recorded, but they will be broadcast as a live video every Monday in the Facebook group so you can watch as a group and I'll be hanging out in the chat answering your questions.
  • Weekly office hours -- if you want continued help as you start to implement the work then these calls can give you that. Hop in to the call (or submit your questions in advanced) and we can sort out whatever problem you are having! 

Choose the plan that is perfect for you!

Basic Plan


  • Lifetime access to course material 
  • Live Q&A session

Price: $247 / 3 monthly payments of $85

VIP Plan 


  • Lifetime access to course material 
  • Live Q&A session 
  • Private facebook community
  • "Live" weekly lessons
  • Weekly office hours

Price: $397 / 3 monthly payments of $135


Get on the waitlist to be notified when spots open again:


I want you to be extraordinarily happy with The Tech Editor's Marketing Toolkit which is why I have a 30 day money back guarantee.

I can't promise that you'll start getting clients in 30 days, but I do know that what I teach you is going to make a big difference if you actually implement it. So if after 30 days you're not convinced that I've helped you, just show me that you've done the work and I'll gladly refund you.


+ When does the course start?

You'll get access to all the modules as soon as you purchase.

+ How is it delivered?

Everything is on Teachable. Each module has video lessons, downloadable audio and worksheets to go with it.

+ What if I can't make it to the live Q&A?

No problem! You can send in questions ahead of time and there will be a replay of the Q&A so you can watch at a good time for you.

+ Do I have to have clients already?

Nope! This course is suitable for anyone who has less clients than they want, even if that means right now you have zero.

+ Haven't I heard this information from you before?

You might have heard me talk about a lot of the topics before, especially if you've been a student for a long time or came to some of my marketing webinars. That said, this is the first time I'm presenting the information broken down like this and with worksheets. I'm also constantly updating and tweaking the information, especially as social media evolves, so some information may be brand new to you.

+ What if I'm not a tech editor?

This course is specifically for tech editors and probably won't be useful for you. I do have a marketing course for product-based businesses which you can learn more about here.

+ I'm a crochet tech editor, will this work for me?

Yes absolutely! My default will be to use the word “knitting” throughout the videos but all the strategies that I talk about will definitely work for crochet.