Curious about tech editing?

Join me on Thursday April 20th at 6pm BST (5pm GMT, 1pm EDT) for a free webinar and Q&A session!

I bet at some point you’ve wondered: What does a tech editor do? Why can’t you just use test knitters? How do you even find a tech editor? What types of questions should you ask before picking a tech editor? In Tech Editing Bootcamp we will cover all that and more!

You'll walk away knowing:

  • how to find a tech editor and what questions to ask before you hire someone
  • the difference between a beginner tech editor and a experienced one, and why you should choose one over the other
  • how to make sure the tech editing experience goes as smoothly as possible and you get exactly what you want
  • know what sort of rates and time estimates are reasonable 
  • what skills and training are needed to become a tech editor

If you can't watch live, there will be a replay but you still need to sign up to get sent that link!