Do you have a goal for your business but you need help getting there?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and you can't figure out what you should be spending your time on?

You feel like you are just treading water sometimes -- frantically trying to do everything but actually getting nowhere. You try to listen to too many voices and get overwhelmed by choice.

Your wade through post after post looking for bits of information that could help you, but the advice is you find is too general or doesn't seem to apply to your situation. Sometimes you just don't know even know where to go or how to ask for help.

It's time to stop all of that.

What you want is someone totally dedicated to your success, who turns general advice into "this is how it would work for you". You want a one stop shop for advice and help. You want small intimate group discussions where you feel safe asking your questions. You want to feel like you have a plan for success.

You want to become a Goal Smashing Superstar.

  • A Goal Smashing Superstar knows how to set a goal and absolutely smash that target.
  • A Goal Smashing Superstar understands the importance of focus and knows how to prioritise what needs to get done no matter how hectic her personal life is.
  • A Goal Smashing Superstar knows that having the right mindset is the single most important tool to getting that success story she dreams about.

Do you have it in you? Join my fabulous group of Superstars and let's see just how much you can accomplish.

What's Included:

Every member ($27 per month) gets...

  • A private Facebook group where you can hang out, ask questions, and get feedback.
  • A LIVE monthly masterclass where we discuss the goals of everyone in the group and general methods for working towards those.
  • A personalised challenge for you to work on based on your goal.

Rockstars ($47 per month) get all that plus...

  • One group coaching call per month.
    • Calls will be limited to no more than 10 people to keep things small and helpful for everyone, even if this means I have to do multiple group calls.

Megastars ($97 per month) get everything Rockstars get plus...

  • (Nearly) 24/7 access to me
    • If you need weekly or even daily check-ins with me, this is the level for you. This is basically the "hire me to be your personal drill sergeant for a month" option. 

Spots are closed for this month and will open again at the end of the month. If you want to get reminded when this happens you can join my email list:


+ How long do I have access?

You get access to everything from the moment you join and it lasts for as long as you are a member of the program. If you chose to cancel your subscription you will remain a member for 30 days from your last payment.

+ Is it a subscription or one off payment?

When you enroll you are signing up for a subscription but you are free to cancel at anytime. If you don't cancel you will continue to be billed every month until you do cancel.

+ What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of the coaching program there are no refunds available. However, you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime.

+ Can I upgrade/downgrade from my current plan?

Of course!