Learn to Tech Edit: The Next Steps

Due to popular demand, here's the next step for those who are heading down the tech editing path! 

Have you taken the first "Learn to Tech Edit" course and discovered that being a professional tech editor is definitely something you are interested in? I know a lot of my students are nervous about now taking on real paying jobs even after going through the course. So I created a way to get real experience in a safe learning environment before taking on clients of your own. 

Here's how it will work:

  • This course will not contain any written course materials. It will simply be 6 editing jobs (4 accessories and 2 garments) plus 2 bonus assignments if you want an extra challenge (both garments). These are actual patterns that were sent to me and you get to see them in the same state I did. I've not thrown in extra errors or made them easier. This is the way you see what editing in the real world feels like.
  • The first assignment will be sent when you purchase and then the assignments will come automatically every week. 
  • Like in the real world, you have to work to a deadline -- you have one week from when you get the assignment to complete it and send it back to me. I will then offer my feedback on how you did and areas you need to focus on more. (If you don't complete the assignment on time it's okay! You can go still go through the answers and ask me questions in the FB group or during the Q&A.)
  • You also get my edited version back plus a video of me going through it so you can see my work process and learn any tips or tricks that I have to offer.

Spots are now closed until april! sign up below to get notified when they open again.