9 Tools to Get You Started Designing

  1. Yarn and needles

    This is a little obvious but well, this is where you have to start! I like to have a wide variety of yarns to play with and a good interchangeable needle set. 
  2. At least one stitch dictionary

    This will be an essential tool to help you when you are thinking about and swatching for potential designs. You will probably still end up tweaking any stitch pattern you find, but it’s a great source of inspiration. 
  3. Layout software

    Once you get the design sorted the next step is to lay out the pattern. I think a lot of people think they need something fancy but to be honest most patterns are laid out just using simple word processing software. Microsoft Word or Pages are great options.
  4.  A simple camera

    You will need at least one photo for your pattern and so you’ll have to have a camera or borrow one. Nowadays the cameras on your phone are amazing and that might be all you need. Or you might want to invest in a simple point and shoot. But whatever you decide, don’t get hung up on this step! You just need a camera that is good enough and that will take a photo that is good enough. You are at the beginning — do not try to mimic the types of photographs that seasoned designers are using. They are further on their journey then you are. You just need to start.
  5. A tech editor

    You want to make sure your pattern is free from errors and to do that you’ll want to hire a tech editor. This post explains what a tech editor does and how it’s different from test knitting and you can find a list of tech editors here.
  6. A way of selling

    So you have your pattern written and laid out and now you have this PDF that you are ready to sell. What do you do with it? You can list it for sale on Ravelry, Craftsy, Love Knitting, Etsy or any or all of the above. Take a look into each site and the fees and T&Cs. I personally prefer Ravelry and Love Knitting but that’s just me.
  7. A way of collecting payments

    Basically you need to have a Paypal account which will hook up with the above sites so they can send you the payments. That’s it! No fancy cart software on your site is needed unless you want to go that option.

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