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Are you a creative entrepreneur and struggling to make the income that you want? Does social media baffle you and you just have no clue what to post? Tired of researching hashtag strategies and Facebook algorithms? Hand all your problems and worries over to me. I am a researcher and perpetual student at heart and I've done the hard work for you! I know what you should be doing! You just have to let me teach you the ways. 

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 Living the crazy life with two kids. Balancing work and play and messes and life and smiling through it all.

About Joeli...

I'm not here to inspire you to forge your own path -- I research and experiment to find the best path and then lay out the red carpet for you. I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them elevate their businesses and start making the money they want to and deserve to earn. I believe everyone can have the success they dream of, they just need a little bit of encouragement and knowledge to get there.

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